03 Oct

Understanding your Resistance to Listening to Yourself

Do you tell yourself any of the following things? “I already know what I need to do; I already know what my conscience/soul/God tells me to do.” “I already listen to myself; my problem is that I don’t DO it!” “I’m too busy to do an Integral Deep Listening interview.” “Interviewing a life issue or dream character is too long and complicated.” “Why should I listen to imaginary creations of my own mind?” “Interviewing is impractical. My time is better spent (making money/exercising/on the computer/watching TV/meditating/eating, etc.)” “I...

03 Oct

Are Interviewed Characters “Self-Aspects” or “Emerging Potentials

“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.”- Richard Bach I saw this quote on line the other day and I found myself thinking,”Which one of my multi-faceted selves am I to be true to?” An interesting question! In IDL you interview many different perspectives, all of whom are at least partially self-aspects which are offering you alternative solutions for how to look at your life, your life issues, and what to do to heal, balance, and transform your...

28 Sep

Become an IDL Coach!

Our time in this world is short, and one gift of lasting value we can leave to it is to awaken, both in our dreams and our everyday waking life, so we can better help others to do the same. There are several goals for your studies to become an IDL Coach. One is to reduce the filtering that keeps you stuck in a dreamlike, self-created delusional “reality.” If you don’t, when you lucid dream, your waking scripting and perceptions will cloud...