Phony Confidence and Nightmares

Confronting antagonists in dreams can be an example of phony, superficial, and counterproductive confidence. A mother reported, My 11-year-old daughter has had a recurring nightmare that’s terrifying her and affecting her. She dreams that she is awakened from sleep in her brother’s room. She then walks down the hall into the bathroom and vomits in … Read more

Eliminating Nightmares

Nightmares aren’t confined to dreams, and neither is Integral Deep Listening. It will wake you up out of your waking nightmares as well. When you learn how, you can help any child or adult escape not only nighttime nightmares, but daytime ones as well.

Nightmares and Repetitive Dreams

  Ug! Nasty, Ugly Orcs! The Grim Reaper Interviewing Hitler Senseless Murder Transforming Nightmare Fear Dealing With Repetitive Nightmares  A Snake Eats My Arm! Scared By a Black Monster! Move Toward What You Fear A Nightmare Says: “Love Is Not All You Need”  

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