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Learning to See Through Your Delusions

Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? What is meaningful and what is not? Why? When you ask such questions, what answers do you give yourself?

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Interviewing a Mystical Painting

Everyone would like to access a state of oneness. We know that if we did we would experience peace, love, and wisdom to such a profound degree that our normal, everyday concerns would seem trivial by comparison.

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What does higher-level functioning look like?

You might think higher level functioning is bright, joyful, and successful, but what if it’s more like well…a brick turd?

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An Atheist Deals with Death

As a young person, Claudia realized that she did not want to believe in any definition of the divine that allowed injustice, cruelty, and needless suffering. She did not have beliefs in religion or universal love to fall back on when her father died when she was fourteen or when she experienced the loss of other loved ones over the years, including beloved pets.

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A Witches Broom!

The worst we can do by following Witches Broom’s recommendations is to waste our time; however, we may find that instead we move toward our inner compass and discover that we can access our inner strengths more often and in ways that are of greater benefit to ourselves and others.

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