Dream Sociometry

Dream Sociometry

IDL is itself a form of dream yoga that generates heightened lucidity by reducing filtering and supporting transpersonal development not only in your dreams but in your everyday life. Dream Sociometry is transpersonal because it provides both temporary state and permanent stage access to consciousness that transcends yet includes both rational and belief-based levels of development. Learn how to create and use a preference-gathering grid called a “Dream Sociomatrix and a “Dream Sociogram,” by which you will witness, understand and transcend patterns that prevent your enlightenment.

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Now you can use any life issue, nightmare, dream or mystical experience to heal, balance and transform your life. Dream Sociometry, a form of Integral Deep Listening (IDL) life drama and dream character interviewing, invites you to outgrow who you think you are by taking multiple perspectives that are invested in your particular life drama or dream.


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