Monthly Archives: June 2011

29 Jun

Escaping Old Feelings of Childhood Neglect

In this interview Holly listens to, respects, and honors old feelings of neglect that have caused a chronic depression for her as an adult. By doing so she allows them to transform into her own, personal solution for how to move forward in her life, to stop creating the constant, bending “wind” of drama and to continue her emotional growth from where it got stuck. She can draw strength from the child part of herself that is able to have...

29 Jun

There’s No Place Like Home!

Where and how we grew up scripts us for the rest of our lives. If we do not re-frame that scripting in a productive way that is compatible with our own inner compass and our budding inner potentials, it will shape us into a bonzai – a diminutive distortion of who we were meant to be ...