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28 Aug

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

   (The following is a chapter from Dillard, J. Ending Nightmares for Good) Anyone who proposes a quick and easy cure to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) needs to be regarded with considerable suspicion and skepticism. PTSD is a complicated and difficult disorder; many excellent minds have put entire careers into reducing its impact. The most common treatment approaches today for this highly disabling condition are cognitive behavioral therapy, which basically teaches objectivity from the overwhelming emotions of PTSD, different forms of anxiety...

28 Aug

Becoming Unglued From Drama

There can be no inner peace with drama; to eliminate drama it must be dealt with in the three realms: interpersonally and externally, in our thoughts and feelings, and in our night time dreams. ...

27 Aug

Understanding your Resistance to Listening to Yourself

The more that you do integral deep listening interviewing, both of yourself and others and apply the recommendations in your life the more you create an authentic internal culture. The more you share this culture with others by teaching them how to find and follow their inner compass the more quickly you will create an external reality or macrocosm that reflects back to you the best that is within you. ...