Monthly Archives: April 2015

28 Apr

Lucid Dreaming: Why Become a Dream Toilet Brush?

Let us say you are in a lucid dream, riding your bike in the mountains. All of a sudden you look up and there is an avalanche on the hillside coming down fast, toward you! What do you do? ...

20 Apr

Eliminating Nightmares

Nightmares aren’t confined to dreams, and neither is Integral Deep Listening. It will wake you up out of your waking nightmares as well. When you learn how, you can help any child or adult escape not only nighttime nightmares, but daytime ones as well. ...

04 Apr

Are You In Touch With Your Life Compass?

Your inner compass is clear, like the air within the eye of a hurricane, yet it is extraordinarily solid, durable, and stable. It is harmonious, like the light from a prism, or the proportions of the fibonacci curve that appear naturally everywhere in nature, and yet, upon close examination, it is a chaos of minor, individual imperfections. ...