Monthly Archives: November 2015

22 Nov

Using an IDL Dream Interview to Wake Up

  The following interview of a priest was sent to me for comment. It could just as easily be an interview with a Rabbi, Imam, or any other True Believer. It is a good example of how Integral Deep Listening interviews of dreams generate waking lucidity, in this case regarding understanding  how we keep ourselves asleep, dreaming and sleepwalking. As we listen to what is attempting to awaken we become more lucid; the result is that dream delusion lifts and...

05 Nov

Helping Children Find and Follow Their Inner Compass

  Using Integral Deep Listening (IDL) to Help Children  Grow, be Happy and Healthy The First Stage of the Rocket of Human Development The development of children can be thought of as a three-stage rocket. The first stage produces enormous thrust to get a child’s body and cognitive wiring launched. This heavy lifting stage is biologically pre-programmed and unfolds during the first years of life. For example, capacities to walk and talk are largely hard-wired into the operating systems that children are born with. Biological programs set off...