Monthly Archives: June 2016

17 Jun

What is Transpersonal Development?

We all want to get enlightened, but how? Development is like a spiral staircase, with multiple “floors” or landings where you can stop, relax, or stay for the rest of your life. But having a map of the entire process can help you see where you are and what the next step is in your movement to clarity and enlightenment and to lucidity, whether awake or dreaming. ...

09 Jun

What is the Unconscious?

The idea of an unconscious is something like the idea of a personal afterlife. Your thoughts and feelings are like ghosts or spirits, which do not just die. Instead, they continue to live, full form, and can either haunt you by incoherent urges and desires from “the other side,” or can “reincarnate,” when they erupt anew, fully grown, into consciousness. ...