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22 Jan

Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Chronic Pain Levels?

Here is another article about the therapeutic value of sleep from Jane Sandwood. Millions of Americans are living with severe or chronic pain everyday. In 2015, a Sleep in America poll found that as much as 36 percent of the population have had acute pain while 21 percent experience chronic pain. Those living with chronic pain can sometimes be severely limited in their everyday lives including their sleep. One in three Americans do not get enough sleep which can have many physical...

04 Jan

Treating Psychosis With IDL

Here is an interview with Paul, who was hospitalized twice for psychosis.   Paul, you say you have experienced psychosis. What do you mean by that?   “I would not even call it that way. If someone asked me, if I had experienced psychosis, I would say Yes and No. The term has for me a very negative connotation, since psychosis is a term to classify illness.” “Now being sick is not a problem, but I would...