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04 Jun

Phony Confidence and Nightmares

Confronting antagonists in dreams can be an example of phony, superficial, and counterproductive confidence. A mother reported, My 11-year-old daughter has had a recurring nightmare that’s terrifying her and affecting her. She dreams that she is awakened from sleep in her brother’s room. She then walks down the hall into the bathroom and vomits in the tub. She turns to find a tall dark figure standing next to her with one hand on her shoulder. I had recommended she do an interview...

03 Jun

Hubris, High School Jock Syndrome, and Dreaming

  If you are human, you are vulnerable to one of the most pernicious traps and deadly diseases ever discovered: complacency leading to hubris. Hubris is the ancient Greek word for pride, cockiness, the belief that you have it made, that you have life figured out, that you are in control. This state of zombified arrogance is also known as the “High School Jock Syndrome,” because it is most clearly seen in a stereotype we are all familiar with: the handsome,...