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IDL is:

• a pathway to waking up, lucid living, or enlightenment;

            Video: What is Integral Deep Listening?

             Goals for Personal Development

             Goals for Professional Development

• a type of dream yoga:

             What is an Integral dream yoga?

•  a multi-perspectival and phenomenological methodology;

Origins of IDL

• a breakthrough way of finding and following your inner compass;

           What is Your Inner Compass?

• a way to access, amplify, and become emerging potentials;

            Becoming Emerging Potentials

• an effective means of eliminating drama and the suffering it creates;

            Plato and the Drama Triangle

• an effective means of eliminating emotional, formal, and perceptual cognitive distortions;

Recognizing and Eliminating Your Cognitive Distortions

• a process for interviewing the personifications of any life issue; •an effective way to interpret any dream;


• a dream character interviewing process;

            Interviewing Dream Characters

• a tool for eliminating any nightmare simply, effectively, and permanently.

How IDL Eliminates Nightmares

• a powerful and effective approach to meditation;

           Meditation and IDL

• a form of counseling;

          Counseling Services

          About Joseph Dillard

• an educational program leading to certification as an IDL Practitioner or Teacher.

          Learning IDL

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