If there  existed within you, right now, emerging potentials that are enlightened and know the shortest way for you to become enlightened, would it be worth your time to learn to listen to what they have to tell you and to follow their recommendations?

Integral Deep Listening is a psychospiritual discipline whose purpose is to help you wake up out of the delusions, dramas, and habits of thinking and feeling that comprise most of who you think you are.  It is transpersonal in that it welcomes, yet transcends and includes, belief, skepticism, reason, the definitions of empiricism used by the scientific method, and the social liberties fought for by secular humanism.

Integral Deep Listening is a form of Dream Yoga.  It is a yoga in that it is an injunctive, empirically based psychospiritual discipline whose purpose is enlightenment. It is a dream yoga because it sees our perception of life as a self-created dream which is delusional, and because it uses night-time dreams to leverage the process of waking up. Other forms of dream yoga are Tibetan Dream Yoga and lucid dreaming.

The focus of Integral Deep Listening is to learn to view both your waking and dream lives from the perspective of emerging potentials that cannot die and do not die.  It holds that there are core qualities that define a spiritual perspective, and these include confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing.  When you learn to habitually view your life from the context of these values you wake up.  You become enlightened.  You experience your moment to moment life as a field of abundance, cosmic humor, and luminosity. The objective of Integral Deep Listening is to provide you with practical tools for doing so.

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