Accessing Your Emerging Potentials

This is a beautiful interview with a personification of a beautiful and freeing emerging potentials, just one of many that are working to be born into our consciousness and expressed in our waking lives.

What are three fundamental life issues that you are dealing with now in your life?

1. Making a living selling my paintings,
2. Swimming with the dolphins,
3. Learning Cranial Therapy
Tell me a dream you remember.  It can be an old one, a repetitive dream, a nightmare, or one that you’re sure you understand.
All I remember about the dream is that I seem to be in a house or a building and I am in this room. Someone, a spirit guide I presume tells me that the little girl I see before me is mine. She is about 3 or 4 years old with beautiful blond curly hair and blue eyes. She is a very happy child and I feel so drawn to her. I pick her up and ask her what her name is, she replies it’s Amanda. I tell her how nice it is that both our names start with an “A”. I then ask her what her second name is (not sure if I meant her middle name or last name) she responds but I miss understand the name and she says no it’s Polar as in Polar bear. I tell her what a nice name that is and hug her and then I wake up.

Why do you think that you had this dream?

I really don’t know….

If this dream were playing at a theater, what name would be on the marquee?

Goldie Locks! Hmmmmm she was dancing and skipping around, maybe Little Miss Blue Eyes…

These are the characters in the dream, beside yourself…

The little girl, the room, the spirit

If one character had something especially important to tell you, what would it be?

Oh I would have to interview Amanda herself..

Now remember how as a child you liked to pretend you were a teacher or a doctor?  It’s easy and fun for you to imagine that you are the shape that took form from your color and answer some questions I ask, saying the first thing that comes to your mind.  If you wait too long to answer, that’s not the character answering – that’s YOU trying to figure out the right thing to say!

Amanda, would you please tell me about yourself and what you are doing?

I am dancing and skipping around and having fun and l

What do you like most about yourself? What are your strengths?

I love all of me..I love my hair, my eyes, myof me….Thatam very happy!

What do you dislike most about yourself? Do you have weaknesses?  What are they?


Oh there is nothing I dislike about myself…I don’t know of any weaknesses that I might have

Amanda, how would you score yourself 0-10, in each of the following six qualities:  confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and witnessing?  Why?


Confidence: If this means how I feel about myself then I score a 10

Compassion: If this means caring about others then I would score a 6

Wisdom: Oh I am very smart, there are a lot of things I know 8

Acceptance: 10

Inner Peace: 10

Witnessing: Not sure what witnessing is but I bet I have a high number here too 7

Amanda, if you scored tens in all six of these qualities, would you be different?  If so, how?


I would be even happier

How would Ani’s life be different if she naturally scored like you do in all six of these qualities all the time?


Oh I think she probably scores higher than me in some of them, if she was a 10 in all of them she would be very happy

If you could live Ani’s life for her, how would you live it differently?


Oh I would play more, she hasn’t been dancing much lately and singing and I would have already swam with the dolphins many times….

If you could live Ani’s waking life for her today, would you handle Ani’s three life issues differently? Yes If so, how?


I would start saving every day to swim with the dolphins, I would paint and paint and let people know I am an artist and I would start taking the cranial therapy classes now…I wouldn’t worry about how it’s all going to happen I would just know that it would.

In what life situations would it be most beneficial for Ani to imagine that she is you and act as you would?


When she sets aside her dreams and forgets to play

Why do you think that you are in Ani’s life?


To remind her to play and know that anything she wants she can achieve.

How is Ani most likely to ignore what you are saying to her, Amanda?


When she forgets about me and that as a child nothing is beyond our reach…we believe

Amanda, is there anything you want or need from Ani?

Yes, I need her to play at life more. to remember to live her life and not be drawn into other lives around her. She needs to fix only her life and allow those around her to deal with their own journey. Had she been saving five dollars a week from the time she first told you she wanted to swim with the dolphins she would have already had the money to do it. I want to swim with them….I think she might be a little afraid to swim with them even though she wants to.


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