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Our time in this world is short, and one gift of lasting value we can leave to it is to awaken, both in our dreams and our everyday waking life, so we can better help others to do the same.

There are several goals for your studies to become an IDL Coach. One is to reduce the filtering that keeps you stuck in a dreamlike, self-created delusional “reality.” If you don’t, when you lucid dream, your waking scripting and perceptions will cloud and distort your dream decision-making, even if you know you are asleep and dreaming. Another goal of IDL is to increase your clarity, wakefulness, lucidity, and enlightenment. This is so that you do not react in few or drama or personalize what others say, or whatever happens to you, dreaming or awake. You will become a self-aware, transparent, authentic example of what you are teaching others in your role as an IDL Coach. This is the responsibility of all true teachers. As you apply what you learn you will model what you teach. This will evoke trust and respect that will inspire others to discover why you are who you are, and to give them the motivation and patience to use you as a source of accountability as they learn to find and follow their life compass. You will also learn how to deeply listen to the emerging potentials of life, by interviewing the characters in your dreams and the personifications of the life dramas that irritate you and slow you down. By teaching others how to do the same you will give others a gift of respect that they never had before: deeply listening to them instead of telling them what you think or interpreting their dreams and life experiences for and to them, as most of us do. Instead, you will teach them to deeply listen to their own life compass.

Your study toward a Certificate as an IDL Coach will involve your growth in qualities associated with awakening and enlightenment, in very concrete, effective ways that are designed to make a real, lasting difference in the quality of your life.

To become an Integral Deep Listening coach you will read a series of instructional guides on IDL dream yoga.

After each chapter, you will answer a number of questions about what you have read, and email your answers and questions, to prepare you for  the next step. This way you will get the feedback and support you need every step of the process, so that it can be tailored to your own goals and development.

You will also:

– interview your dreams and life issues and apply recommendations from your interviews in your life.

– interview others and teach them how to apply interview recommendations.

– submit the interviews you do for your own dreams, nightmares and life issues as well as those you do with others for review.

– practice moving out of drama and waking up in your dreams into states of higher lucidity

– send your work to an IDL coach for support and feedback.

– serve as a coach for other students by email or Skype.

Your “graduation” will in part be self-determined, in conjunction with interviewed dream characters and personifications of your life issues. At the end of the process you will be awarded a certificate as an “Integral Deep Listening Coach.”

Your only cost is for the texts for the course, which you can buy one at a time as you progress. Every student proceeds at their own pace, contracting for one course, which covers one text, at a time. The speed, how many instructional texts and their order will be determined by your own personal development.

The benefits of the course include: 1) personalized feedback and direction on your progress; 2) the speeding up of your own individualized process of awakening and movement toward enlightenment; 3) the alignment of your goals with those of your life compass; 4) the elimination of important and powerful barriers to enlightenment; 5) support in learning and practicing effective meditation; 6) knowing that you are making a real and lasting positive difference in the lives of others.

Approach your adventure of learning to become an IDL coach with the expectation that you are going to shift your life at its core. You will still be who you are, only less so; you will become more transparent as you learn to get out of your own way in your relationships, in the world of your thoughts and feelings, in your dreams and when you meditate. You will become more like a prism or a diamond, that lets the light of life through, and allows it to scatter into the outer world in beautiful and transformative ways.

This course of study is fun and amazing, but it is also a discipline. Perhaps you, like me, had to focus and work to learn math in school; becoming an IDL Coach is much easier and a lot more fun, but it is still work. Any yoga is a discipline; approach learning to be an Integral Deep Listening Coach seriously, with self-discipline, and you will be richly rewarded.

As you grow in inner peace, clarity, confidence, acceptance, empathy, balance, and wisdom you will not only be better able to avoid drama but to deeply listen, in an integral way, to your spouse, child, boss and clients, so that you are more likely to be able to help them to do the same thing. You will find yourself having less traumatic dreams, and when you do, easily understand them and put them to good use in your life. You will find that your lucid dreams are clearer and more useful.

Come and join the fun!

Your first assignment is to read “Integral Deep Listening: Accessing Your Inner Compass.”

It’s available at:

After each chapter email Joseph.Dillard.@Gmail.Com your answers to the following questions:

What implications does the chapter have for your own personal journey of awakening?

What can you use from the chapter to help others to wake up?

Is there anything, based on what you have read, that you would like to test or put to use in your life?

If so, what? How? How will you monitor it to know if it makes any difference or not?

Any other comments or questions regarding what you have read that you care to share.

Because we constantly work on improving the clarity of these texts we rely on our students for editing clarity Please let us know your suggestions for making them clearer for other students.

When you are half-way through this first text you will consult on what your next step should be.

The following texts may or may not be part of your instructional materials:

“Integral Deep Listening: Accessing Your Inner Compass.”

“Ending Nightmares for Good”

“Waking Up”

“Integral Deep Listening Interviewing Techniques”

“Transcending Your Monkey Mind: The Five Trees and Meditation


In addition to reading assignments, you will have assignments with interviewing yourself and others, as well as with meditation.

Students are encouraged to become a member of “Friends of IDL” on Facebook, to share your experiences, get updates on the process, and connect with fellow students of IDL.

For answers to your questions about the IDL Coach Certification Program, email Joseph.Dillard@Gmail.Com

The IDL Coach Certification is Track I.

Track II ends in Certification as an IDL Practitioner.

Pre-requisite: Certification as an IDL Coach.


Further reading assignments  such as:

“Integral Deep Listening Practitioner”

“Dream Sociometry”

“Understanding the Dream Sociogram” (in publication, late 2016)

“Seven Octaves of Enlightenment: Integral Deep Listening Pranayama” (in publication, late 2016)

Either start a practice using IDL or add it to an ongoing practice

Your interviewing of your clients using single character IDL interviewing protocols on dreams and life issues is supervised by an IDL Practitioner

Attending the Four Module Practitioner Training is highly recommended; assistance can be provided in setting up a training near you.

Track III ends in certification as an IDL Teacher.

Pre-requisite: Certification as an IDL Practitioner

Read and report on other texts, to be determined;

Incorporate Dream Sociometry and Dream Sociodrama, in addition to IDL Interviewing into your Practice; Incorporate IDL Meditation/Pranayama into your Practice

Supervision of same;

Supervise IDL students on the other two tracks.

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