Floating Bike

Floating Bike 04.11.16 I am with a couple of people traveling. I am walking my current blue DreamYoga.Com bicycle, on top of a long, tall concrete wall that extends out into a wide river. I am at least 30 feet above the water. The woman has forgotten something and has someone bring it, then realizes … Read more


Every reader must decide for themselves whether this is a gloss over unrecognized issues of pedophilia and sexual dysfunctionality or what the characters say it is. There is nothing about IDL or Dream Sociometry that says that you must trust what interviewed characters say.

Uprooted Plants

Perception of dream events, both while dreaming and then when interpreting while awake, is partial and filtered and therefore distorted and missing many of the core principles and vital elements that are embedded in any dream or nightmare.

Useful Symbols?

  I am sure there are things that I find less useful than football; I just can’t think of what they are at the moment. As for potato chips, every time I eat them I regret it because it feels like I just ate a pound of heavily salted slugs, only less tasty.

Dad Dies

Dad Dies 9/2/85 I am somehow responsible for my father’s death.  I find his charred body in a fireplace.   It’s horrible.  There are two endings.  In the first, Lois is telling me that Dad died in his sleep at the same time that I found him in the fireplace, but that he was at home.   … Read more


Levitation 06/15/83 I am standing on the sidewalk on the Kavanaugh side of my house on Tyler, facing east.  I am thinking about how I can levitate, and I decide to.  I lift off and rise right up to the peak of the roof, but have to pull myself onto it. I sit on the … Read more

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