Bicycling Near Hot Springs

Bicycling Near Hot Springs 3/14/84 I am riding a bicycle down back roads near Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I am trying to find my lake house, which as been moved here.  I pass a party that is loud.  It’s breaking up because someone called the cops because of noise.  I want to get over to a … Read more

Miraculous Flight

Miraculous Flight 2/3/82 I am in a small plane with Jess and a lady.  I am the pilot.  We are taking off from inside a building.  I am to fly through a window in the end of the room.  We are low.  Jess tells me to climb by pulling up on the stick.  I pull … Read more

Picking Grapes

  Picking Grapes 1/26/82 Grace and I  are walking through a valley at the foot of mountains with a young woman and a man.  There is an airstrip.  We are walking through thick ground cover.  Others are in the distance.  Is it a grape-picking festival?  We have containers and we are gathering grapes.  It looks … Read more

A Party for Three Billionaire Musicians.

  A Party for Three Billionaire Musicians 12/13/81 I am at a big party for three billionaire musicians in New York City.  They are unknown but rich.  The third one is possibly not even alive.  Are the other two twins?  I am looking at a newspaper headline about it.  Interesting.  Associations  None. Preference Predictions Most … Read more

A Gold Threaded Picture that Changes

A Gold-Threaded Picture that Changes 6/23/81 I am looking at a picture of beautiful gold-textured thread.  This material stays stable but a secondary material in the picture can be changed.  Both alternative compositions that I see are very pretty. Preference Predictions Most Accepting Character:  Gold Thread Least Accepting Character: 2nd Material Most Preferred Character: Gold … Read more

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