Equine Cannibals

Equine Cannibals 1/25/82 Some three horses are eating the carcass of a recently dead horse.  The owner and I are looking at them.  The owner ignores the riding gear still on the dead horses, equipment that looks worth saving to me.  He takes off one piece,  but  also leaves  the rest.  I take the riding … Read more

Extraterrestrials Descend

Extraterrestrials Descend 12/31/82 Extraterrestrials are going to land at night in the country where I am living.  We neglect to turn on a beacon light to guide them in and so they are delayed.  When they arrive I am very excited.  They look human, talk English, and are very normal and casual.   I hope I’ll … Read more

Subterranean Shoot-Out

  This is a good example of how the Drama Triangle expresses itself in dreams due to a lack of lucidity on the part of the dreamer. By “lucidity” I am not referring to lucid dreaming; you don’t have to know you are dreaming to be lucid or clear in a dream. In this case, … Read more

Rescuing a Fish Out of Water

We routinely misperceive what we experience in our dreams, generating unnecessary anxiety and drama that undercuts waking confidence. It is only through listening to the perspective of a fish that the dreamer gains the objectivity to understand that it is safe to relax and allow himself to be supported by life.

The Hanging Corpse

When you take a multi-perspectival approach of deep listening to a dream, nightmare or life drama you move from victim to transpersonal witness. The results heal, balance and transform, resulting in clarity and greater lucidity both in waking and dream life.

Ken Wilber Dies 08/27/01

This example of Dream Sociometry is used to explain how to create a Dream Sociomatrix and Dream Sociogram in the text, Dream Sociometry. It was chosen for several reasons. Because it is nightmarish it provides an example of how Dream Sociometry and IDL addresses nightmares. It is short, with not so many elements and therefore is a … Read more

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