17 Feb

How the Drama Triangle in Your Dreams Affects Your Health

(From Dillard, J. Escaping the Drama Triangle in the Three Realms: Waking, Thinking and Dreaming.) You probably work hard during the day to eat right, exercise, maintain a positive attitude, treat others with respect, not react, and generally be a good person.  You can go to workshops and therapy, go to bed feeling good and still wake up feeling anxious and out of sorts. How come?

12 Dec

Locked Out in the Cold, Nude!

Rather than dismissing nightmares as “day residue” or some sort of “psychic indigestion, Integral Deep Listening (IDL) demonstrates that they act as “wake up calls” that when listened to, are transformational. ...

26 Feb

Are Dreams Symbolic?

Following ancient historical precedent, Freud saw dream images as symbols that require interpretation. A symbol, by definition, stands for something else. Symbols, therefore, are projections of waking assumptions. ...

25 Feb

Who Interprets Your Dreams?

Integral Deep Listening assumes that just as beings from other dimensions did not create your night-time dreams, that you can learn to dream your own life instead of living out the cultural script that you internalized and called your own. You do so by seeking the interpretations of your own inner compass, represented by the perspectives of interviewed emerging potentials that are personifications of your dream characters and the life issues that are most important to you. ...

27 Oct

Interviewing Hitler

Claim all of who you are, good, bad, and ugly. Trust that the universe is big enough to accept and use all of you. That when you get “wake up calls” from your dreams or through IDL interviews, you not only awaken your strengths and potentials, but those parts of yourself that you fear and that you need to face to become whole. ...

20 Oct

Making Sense of Nightmares

Nobody likes nightmares. And it would seem that with spiritual development and years of meditation that they would go away, right? Wrong. ...