A Bird-Brained Dream

What do you do when you have a silly dream that either looks like it is meaningless or is a jumble of day residue? Interview it, of course! When you do you will find alternative perspectives that will show you what you are missing and how to change your view so that you become more who you really are! Who wouldn’t want to do that?


Things annoy you and frustrate you every day. Why? Because they are annoying and frustrating or because you perceive them as annoying and frustrating? What if you changed how you saw those things? Would that mean you were passive or stupid, or would that mean that you are wise enough to not make things that aren’t about you, about you? Here is an opportunity to think about what you can do differently to not let the annoyances of your daily life rob you of your peace of mind.

Transforming Early Childhood Wounding With IDL

Rebecca automatically accessed perspectives that depicted a wounded past self that she had not been taking responsibility for, a secure self which becomes prominent as soon as she does, and a potential self which is self-reliant, independent, alive, and joyful. We not only have a picture of an evolutionary progression from vulnerability to independence; we have a personal, tailor-made, organic experience of the reality of each of those ways of living life.

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