What could an octopus know about trust??

      Twice a month we hold Integral Deep Listening Salons in Berlin.  There is generally lively discussion of a pre-chosen topic followed by snacks and then a group interview. I wrote this summary to a student, Chrystal, who is an excellent sculptor: “A recent topic was about the type of person that you … Read more

God is a Cat

I’ve always known God was really a cat. Those who taught that he was a dog are just plain heretics. Barbara’s interview is a functional mystical experience. It is a mystical experience in that it puts Barbara in touch with core qualities of enlightenment. It is functional in that Barbara can use it to get past … Read more

Escaping Old Feelings of Childhood Neglect

In this interview Holly listens to, respects, and honors old feelings of neglect that have caused a chronic depression for her as an adult. By doing so she allows them to transform into her own, personal solution for how to move forward in her life, to stop creating the constant, bending “wind” of drama and to continue her emotional growth from where it got stuck. She can draw strength from the child part of herself that is able to have fun and enjoy life at a fair.

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