A difference between IDL, Jungian analysis, and Perl’s Gestalt therapy

Jung argued that one could consider every person in the dream to represent an aspect of the dreamer, which he called the subjective approach to dreams. Fritz Perls presented his theory of dreams as part of the holistic nature of Gestalt therapy. Perls expanded Jung’s perspective to say that even inanimate objects in the dream … Read more

Why Does IDL Interviewing Work?

Why does IDL Interviewing work?  The above picture, of animals performing jazz, is on its surface, absurdist. It is an example of what Integral Deep Listening (IDL) calls “cosmic humor,” a way to get over ourselves and to move into lucidity and clarity. These animals represent the various images that we interview, either from dreams … Read more

Become an IDL Coach!

Our time in this world is short, and one gift of lasting value we can leave to it is to awaken, both in our dreams and our everyday waking life, so we can better help others to do the same. There are several goals for your studies to become an IDL Coach. One is to reduce … Read more


This form of irrationality remains remarkably prevalent and current in an increasingly skeptical world that expects proof, reasons and knows how to fact-check. The reason why is still so widely used is because dogmatism cannot be refuted since it never claims to be rational or logical in the first place.

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