Lucid Dreaming and IDL

05 May

Nidra: The Yoga of Dreamless Sleep

There exists a natural four step process for learning lucid deep sleep. First practice formless, clear, focused, and relaxed varieties of meditation while awake, then while dreaming, then while lucid dreaming, and finally during deep sleep. ...

28 Apr

Lucid Dreaming: Why Become a Dream Toilet Brush?

Let us say you are in a lucid dream, riding your bike in the mountains. All of a sudden you look up and there is an avalanche on the hillside coming down fast, toward you! What do you do? ...

21 Jul

Comparing IDL and Lucid Dreaming

Waking up, or becoming lucid, is a good thing.  However, what we do once we are awake makes a very big difference.  For example, conceivably you could become awake enough to control your blood pressure, your heart beat, and your digestion, but is that a necessary or a good thing?  Is more control always better than less?  The conclusion of IDL is that no, it is not.  For example, if you attempted to consciously control your digestion you would...