Setting Intent

Your intent is central to waking up. Among other things, you need to intend to wake up. To this end, it is important to set your intention clearly and often. If you don’t, your unconscious, preprogrammed intentions, the voices of your parents and others living rent-free inside your head, and those of advertisers, other drivers, corporate officials, and politicians will direct your life.

Three Transformative World Views

Your world view isn’t everything, but it’s close. The assumptions that you make about what’s real, why you’re alive, and how you should relate to other people tell who you are, determine who you will be and what sort of a mark you’ll make on the world. Your world view is that important.

The Circle of Interventions

What is the best approach to take to solving your problem? If you don’t know what tools are available, you can’t learn about them in order to choose which will work best for you. Integral Deep Listening uses five different approaches or methodologies, based on the nature of the problem. We discuss them here.

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