Cancer and Your Life Script Cancer as a Wake-Up Call Prostate Cancer Interview Susanne Connects With Her Soul Negotiating with Cancer Cells Susanne Clarifies Her Intention Reconvening the Tumor Conference Dancing yourself to inner peace and healing    


Understanding Your Sacred and Secular Dreams Some dreams are just plain junk, right? Interviewing a Dream Have trouble remembering your dreams? Is That Dream Junk? Understanding Repeating Dream Motifs What do babies in dreams mean? What Do Flying Dreams Mean?  

Physical Health Issues

  Integral Deep Listening Practitioners do not take histories, diagnose, treat, or heal health issues. IDL assumes that healing is the combination of outside expertise, your common sense, and your inner compass, as represented by the perspectives and interpretations of interviewed inner potentials. IDL uses a process called “triangulation” to compare subjective and objective sources of … Read more

God is a Cat

I’ve always known God was really a cat. Those who taught that he was a dog are just plain heretics. Barbara’s interview is a functional mystical experience. It is a mystical experience in that it puts Barbara in touch with core qualities of enlightenment. It is functional in that Barbara can use it to get past … Read more

What Will Happen to Me After I Die?

So you think you have problems! If you had nearly died several times because of heart failure and had been taught to always listen to your heart for irregular beating, do you think you might be afraid of dying? And if your very traumatic heart transplant ended up with your immune system attacking it and almost killing you twice, do you think that might make you even more terrified of dying?

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