A Big Ray Teaches How to Grow Old Together Gracefully

We all get older, and with age come physical health issues. How do we keep them from souring our love relationships? In this interview, Cynthia speaks for “everyman” about this perennial struggle. She finds within herself a way to transcend her worries and fears about her health, aging, and her relationship so that she can look forward to the future with joy, equanimity, and confidence.

Letting the Bear Roam Free

All physical illness has a psychogenic component. If you interview the illness, symptom, or pain, it will often tell you how your thoughts and feelings help to produce them and how they can be altered to make those physical symptoms diminish or go away. Jeri’s face has swollen up; the doctor didn’t know if it was an infection or an allergy. The swelling caused a strong feeling of pressure in her face. What would happen if we interviewed that pressure?

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