Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Chronic Pain Levels?

Here is another article about the therapeutic value of sleep from Jane Sandwood. Millions of Americans are living with severe or chronic pain everyday. In 2015, a Sleep in America poll found that as much as 36 percent of the population have had acute pain while 21 percent experience chronic pain. Those living with chronic pain can … Read more

God is a Cat

I’ve always known God was really a cat. Those who taught that he was a dog are just plain heretics. Barbara’s interview is a functional mystical experience. It is a mystical experience in that it puts Barbara in touch with core qualities of enlightenment. It is functional in that Barbara can use it to get past … Read more

Dolphin for Pain Management

Why does pain personify itself as a free, joyous, pain-free dolphin for this dreamer? Why is its main message to listen to it and to become it? Why should this lady trust the voice of an imaginary, made-up dolphin? It’s a delusion and fantasy, right? She should just forget about it as quickly as possible, right?

Letting the Bear Roam Free

All physical illness has a psychogenic component. If you interview the illness, symptom, or pain, it will often tell you how your thoughts and feelings help to produce them and how they can be altered to make those physical symptoms diminish or go away. Jeri’s face has swollen up; the doctor didn’t know if it was an infection or an allergy. The swelling caused a strong feeling of pressure in her face. What would happen if we interviewed that pressure?

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