A Labrador Reduces Anxiety

What such interviews do is provide a way to access inner potentials that are not stuck where we are stuck. In this case, Rex accesses a part of himself that is not threatened, is not anxious, and does not worry. The theory is that the more Rex talks to and imagines that he is this part, the more he will identify with, and grow into, that innate potential.

Transcending the Suffering of Drama with Meditative Witnessing

Don’t waste much time with dreaming dreams of victimization. Look for a way out of the drama. Some IDL dream interviews emphasize healing. Others emphasize balance. Others emphasize transformation. This one emphasizes all three.

A Bicycle Teaches Abundance

Everybody has money issues. A bike crash dream couldn’t possibly help resolve them, right? How could a nightmare about failure help resolve money issues? It all depends on the perspective that you take. You can keep listening to yourself, and stay stuck where you are, or you can listen to your own inner overpass or bicycle….

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