Getting Out of the Swamp of Your Life

In the above picture, we may assume that the boy is helping his stuck horse. But what if it’s the other way around? What if the horse has come to help the boy get unstruck? That’s the situation that we find in this interview, in which a kind and intelligent businessman lacks the confidence to cold call potential business clients

Is Your Critical Self Talk Ruining Your Life?

The devil part of Luna thinks she is stupid to allow herself to be scared by it. It sees the proper response as self-confidence and to give up playing the victim. It makes clear that it represents her own highly self-critical self-talk that makes her wrong and scared. It recommends that she just ignore her self-critical self-talk. If she does, it predicts that it will go away.

The Devil On Your Shoulder

This is an interview I wish I could do with every child or adolescent.  It is so classic that I think most children can see themselves in it, and most adults as well.  We all have a “devil” sitting on our shoulder telling us we can’t, shouldn’t, or won’t. The beauty of Integral Deep Listening, … Read more

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