Don’t Want to Be “Dumped on?” Become a Flying Toilet!


Have you ever seen lovers as rescuers? Have you ever had trouble getting out of the Drama Triangle with lovers? This lady did!  She had a dream about a toilet!  When she wanted to sit on the toilet it sprouted legs and moved wherever it wanted! When she became the toilet in her IDL interview it sprouted wings and could fly wherever it wanted!    The toilet told her that she didn’t have to spend her life being “dumped on” by other people, especially lovers!

This amusing and graphic example provided an excellent example of cosmic humor, the ability to witness events from one or more non-invested perspectves that can see the drama of life as ironic, over-personalized, over-invested addiction to unnecessary suffering.  Such experiences help us to cultivate an attitude of cosmic humor toward ourselves and toward our lives. Images like flying toilets can help us not to take ourselves soooo seriously! Cosmic humor does not mean that you are flippant, dismissive of life or simply seeing life as an illusory, delusional dream to avoid. The exact opposite becomes more likely: as a result you are better able to invest yourself in your life because you are less defensive, scared, or attached to outcomes.

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