An Example of a Completed Dream Sociogram

Corpse SGM

Sociogram Commentary

The Hanging Corpse


Acceptance (vertical) Axis: The core intrasocial conflict is between those forces which are accepting, on the positive end of the axis, and those which are rejecting. Note that these are primarily Dream Self, who is most rejecting, and that aspect of himself that he has long repressed, “Young Man.” The Attic is rejecting because it also experiences itself as victimized. The Deputies are rejecting because they personify those aspects of self that punish inappropriate behavior. This repression has been maintained because Dream Self (the surrogate of Waking Identity in the dream) has been unwilling, out of guilt, to listen to those self-aspects that accept him and his crime.

Form (diagonal + to lower right) Axis: All self aspects are preferred. While Dream Self rejects himself, the group as a whole does not. While Dream Self has repressed and therefore rejected the Young Man part of himself, the group as a whole does not, indicating that the entirety of the interviewed self-aspects invested in this life drama are much more accepting than is Waking Identity.

Process (horizontal) Axis: Most behaviors are rejected by this group. They are basically actions and behaviors associated with repression and its consequences. The behaviors that are preferred are “arrive,” which indicates self-disclosure and the taking of responsibility for one’s repression and guilt about it. But by far the most preferred behavior is “pull up,” which implies active efforts to remedy the situation. Rather than focusing on what is wrong or who is at fault, the focus is on what needs to be done differently to remedy the situation.

Affect (diagonal + to upper left) Axis: There was only one emotion recorded in the dream account and the Dream Sociomatrix, although at least fear and guilt are implied. However, the one which was recorded, “calm” is preferred by the group as a whole, implying a recommended emotional course of non-reactivity.

Overall Pattern: Antithetical. Strong internal conflict caused, as usual, by waking identity out of touch with his greater identity and totally misreading how his actions are perceived by it.

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