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Systems of belief are followed on faith. We do something because the Bible, a guru, or our parents tell us to do it. As spiritual children, we don’t question spiritual authority.

Systems of reason are founded on skepticism. We do something because we ask “Why?” and want to find the answer out for ourselves, regardless of what cultural or spiritual authorities may say. This may lead us to embrace the forms of spirituality known as humanism, agnosticism, or atheism.

Transpersonal systems are founded on personal application, belief, and reason. They assume a prior grounding in rationality beyond belief.  If a person has not questioned their beliefs with reason, or has them simply because they lucid dream, remember past lives, or have mystical experiences, this means that they are experiencing transpersonal states at a prepersonal stage of development.  Transpersonal experiences exist for people locked in belief-based states. Past life recall, lucid dreaming, love, and acceptance may look the same for a seven year old and an experienced meditator, but they are radically different. Years of examining, questioning, and challenging beliefs years combined with years of personal application make the difference.

Integral Deep Listening is a transpersonal practice. That means that you will not grasp it if you are not willing to question your basic assumptions about who you are, why you are alive, and what you believe in.  You will not grasp it by reading these web pages. In fact, you may well come away skeptical that interviewing obviously imaginary characters from your dreams or life issues could possibly provide healing, balancing, and transformation. We not only invite such skepticism; we encourage it, because it means that your practice of IDL will be grounded in reason, not in naive faith.

What is Integral Deep Listening like? You can look at examples and testimonials but you won’t grasp the power of IDL unless you try it with your own dreams and life issues. Here is a shortened, simplified overview of the process designed to give a taste of the adventure awaiting you! Build on your skepticism by experiencing the IDL interviewing protocol for yourself.

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