Staying in Touch


As you get the hang of interviewing, you will surround yourself with quite a menagerie of emerging potentials. They will each have their recommendations and their own particular competencies. A log, such as the following, is a way to keep track of everyone and what they recommend.

This is a way of showing your interviewed emerging potentials that you are continuing to respect and listen to them long after the interview, by taking their support and recommendations seriously.  This is a metaphorical exercise, in that they do not actually exist. What you are doing is remembering and becoming perspectives of your inner compass that awaken life to itself. Such an interactive, ongoing dialogue and working relationship with valued members of your internal support community or Sangha can only hasten your growth into greater health, balance, and transformation.

Name           Personifies/Qualities             When Used               Recommendations

Flying Dragon      Trip patron          transcending fear & resistance       be active but peaceful

Hippo                success with work                  when discouraged           make meditation a priority

Eiffel Tower       Centeredness, Clarity            when meditating         move beyond personalization

You can also stay in touch with your emerging potentials by surrounding yourself with pictures of them at work, in your bathroom, on your computer laptop, your bedroom, and your car. One student made a “tarot deck” of her growing family with a picture of each on one side and its qualities, uses, and recommendations on the other. How do you stay in touch with your emerging potentials? What works for you? Let us know!

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