Getting More Out of IDL

People normally go through an evolutionary process of development when they work with interviewing dream characters and the personifications of their life issues and then work on applying those recommendations in their daily life.

Two different initial motivations

One group of people are attracted to IDL to learn to lucid dream, and want to do so for various reasons:    

They want more control over their dreams

They may want to practice facing their fears in a safe environment

They may want to learn and practice some new skill in their dreams

They may want new and exciting experiences

They may want transformative or mystical experiences in their dreams

They may want to meet and learn from masters and entities in their dreams

They may want to learn to meditate in their dreams.

A second group of people are attracted to IDL to deal with some problem or life issue:

 Eliminating troubling, repetitive dreams

Eliminating nightmares

Dealing with anxiety

Dealing with depression

Dealing with lack of clear life direction

Dealing with traumas from earlier years

Dealing with anxiety

Dealing with gender issues

Dealing with interpersonal issues

Reducing/eliminating emotional reactivity and drama 

Addressing perception of physical pain

The process for attaining these goals is similar: 

1) Set your particular reason as one of your three life issues

2) Interview dream characters and/or the personifications of life issues 

3) Choose recommendations from the interview and apply in your life those that make sense to you

It is wise to have help with this: someone to help you operationalize the recommendations and keep you on track with daily charting and weekly reporting on progress/problems

How IDL helps you accomplish your goals

Regarding lucid dreaming, IDL works by

  • removing internal barriers to lucidity
  • you should find your dreams becoming clearer as you move into lucidity while dreaming. 
  • You may find yourself interviewing characters in your dreams.

Regarding life issues, IDL works by

  • thinning the self so you are increasingly out of your own way in your life and by
  • reframing your perspective in ways that both make sense and make the problem resolvable

The transformation of your reasons to do IDL

As you accomplish the above you may lose interest in interviewing because your initial motivation is gone.

DON’T! – The greatest benefits of IDL are ahead of you. These are two:

  • Enhanced creativity
  • An increasing sense of the sacredness of life

Think of what form your life is likely to take with enhanced creativity: Enhanced abundance and prosperity, novelty, interest, and curiosity.

Think of what your life would be like with an increasing sense of its sacredness

  • Moment-to-moment experience becomes more present and special
  • Different varieties of energy and motivation become available
  • Difficulties become increasingly insignificant – things that used to bother you don’t any more.

Validating IDL

IDL requires that you test its methodology for yourself to see if it does, in fact, result in healing, balance, and transformation for yourself or not. If it does, then you become what you are teaching others, and others see it.

This is why IDL is a yoga – a sacred discipline. 

It teaches a three step empirical, injunctive method:

  • Follow the interviewing protocol with dreams and life issues, interviewing yourself and others.
  • Interviewing others integrates your life with your larger, communal identity. It is by giving away that which enriches your life that you transform.
  • Choose and work daily with those recommendations that make sense to you, focusing on those that repeat
  • Monitor your results so that you know if you are actually seeing benefits or merely imagining them.

If you follow these steps and find value, consider learning to become an IDL coach. The aim is to give you the support you need to help others find and follow their own unique life compass.

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