Healing life-long fears


It is not unusual for people who travel with us to swim with wild dolphins in the turquoise-blue, clear waters of the Bahamas Bank to have fears of the water. Yutta had problems breathing in the water and problems feeling secure and safe in deep water. More basically, she had life-long feelings of not being wanted, which brought up sadness that she associated with the color black, that took the shape of a sword. Notice that the sword, which personifies Yutta’s anger, has a protective function in her life. The source of her sadness presents itself as a beneficial, well-intentioned thing that nevertheless needs to transform. While Yutta has been unsuccessful in creating that transformation in her life, notice that the perspective of the anger/sword easily does so. Here is what the sword had to say to Yutta:

“I am a long, double-edged strong steel sword in a scabbard hanging at Yutta’s right side. I like that I am strong and in control. I protect! I cut to pieces anyone or anything! However, I sometimes respond too quickly and hurt those who do not deserve it. I personify Yutta’s anger!”

“I would like to change. It is time for me to go. I want to change into a clear crystal! When I do so I find that I am a clear crystal within or beside Yutta’s heart. I protect her! I  like that I am clear and good! I wish that I were bigger; I want to be big enough to surround Yutta! When I do so it is wonderful! I am doing my job because I protect her!”

“On a scale of zero to ten I score myself an eight in confidence because I have no fear! I am an eight in all five of the other qualities as well. I am an eight in compassion because I care for everyone, in wisdom because I am wise, and in witnessing because I watch the drama of life go by! If Yutta felt like me she would feel secure! She would feel wanted! If I were her I would not worry about what other people thought about me. I would think about what I want, feel, and need to do. When she wants to feel secure and safe she just needs to become me because I am secure and safe! When she fears difficulty breathing in the water or has difficulty in deep water, if she will become me, she won’t have any trouble breathing. I feel at one with nature in deep water. When she doesn’t feel wanted she needs to feel me surrounding her and feel me wanting her!”

“I encourage Yutta to see her life as a film to laugh about or cry about but not take too seriously. Don’t take anything personally! She should become me when she feels insecure or not wanted, or needs confidence. I have come into her life to wake her up to knowing she is wanted and secure!”

Here is what Yutta heard the sword/crystal say to her:

“The sword is ready to go. It says I don’t need it any more.  The crystal wants to protect me. It nurtures and supports me. I am being told to know that I am loved! I don’t have to be angry, defensive, or take things personally! I can have and feel inner peace! I don’t have to get caught up in drama!”

The recommendations that Yutta heard include:

See your life as a film!

Become the crystal!

Ask people to remind you of the chrystal by asking, “Where is your crystal?” or, “What would your crystal say about that?”

Ask for hugs!

Notice that one perspective – that of a sword that transforms itself into a crystal that surrounds Yutta, fulfills a number of important purposes for her. It provides a means of evolving out of a childhood script of defensive anger based on feelings of insecurity and rejection. It also is an alternative to both anger and personalization. Finally, it provides a way for Yutta to be comfortable in the ocean. After this interview Yutta noticed a marked decrease in her fear of being in the ocean for the rest of her trip in Bimini, swimming with dolphins and sharks.

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