House Hunting With Fred


House Hunting With Fred


10/26/86 House Hunting with Fred I am with Fred Schindler, house hunting. We are going to investigate a house that we are to live in. To get to this area Fred jumps off the far creek bank, then dives or jumps into water at a much lower level (50-75 feet!) Then he swims across the creek. He wants me to follow, but I have my suit on and hesitate. I am in a quandry about how to get across, but I feel that I will. But I am then on the other side. I am in a suit, climbing up a steep creek bank. There are pictures carved in stone as we climb, depicting caves present or planned underneath the water at the bottom of the lagoon. They are very elaborate dwellings and are built by oriental royalty.

'86 House Hunting With Fred SMX 10:26:86

'86 House Hunting With Fred SGM 10:26:86

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