How and Why Does IDL Work?



IDL works by putting you in touch with perspectives that include your own and that the same time transcend yours. This means that these perspectives know what you know, plus they offer their own perspective.

Life will use anything and everything to wake up to itself – If you’ll let it. It doesn’t care if it’s from a dream or waking life, past, present or future, true or false, real or fantasy, Jesus or roadkill. Human consciousness makes and needs these distinctions. Life itself doesn’t.

To make the temporary expansion of consciousness that is normally experienced when you become a perspective during an interview that transcends and includes your own permanent, you need to apply reasonable recommendations for a lunar cycle of twenty-eight days. You also need to do interviews several times a month to confirm or correct the course you are on.

You cannot outgrow the usefulness of accessing authentic, relevant perspectives that transcend and include your own. Therefore you are wise to make IDL an ongoing integral life practice or yoga.

These perspectives are not flawless, divine, or always true.  They must always be compared with each other, with the advice of outside experts, and submitted to your own common sense.

These perspectives are not magic and IDL does not offer magical cures. It works by broadening your frame of reference toward your problems, neutralizing barriers to health, happiness, and growth, and allowing you to view your life issues in new, creative, and liberating ways.

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