IDL Essays

Sepia New World

An Introduction to Integral Deep Listening

How and Why IDL Works

Are Interviewed Characters “Self-Aspects” or “Emerging Potentials?”


Helping Children Find and Follow their Inner Compass

Physical health Issues

Finding a Healthy Approach to Terminal Illness


Nightmares and Repetitive Dreams

Lucid Dreaming

Relationship Issues


Exiting the Drama Triangle

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Wilber’s Pre-Trans Fallacy and Integral Deep Listening

What is Your Next Level of Growth? Understanding Wilber’s Developmental Stages

Interviewing Historical Figures

Interviewing UFOs, Crop Circles, and Synchronicities


Meditation and the Drama Triangle

Mystical and Near Death Experiences

Life After Death

IDL and Psychopathology


Understanding your Resistance to Listening to Yourselff

Interviewing Conflictual Relationships

Dream Sociometry: An Alchemical Aspect of Integral Deep Listening


Sources of Resistance to Dreamwork

Debunking Misunderstandings About Dreaming

Four Aspects of the Study of Dreams

Dream Epistemology

Origin of Dream Characters

When is a Nightmare a Good Thing?

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming and IDL

Some Challenges to Common Assumptions About Lucid Dreaming

On False Awakenings


Spirituality and Values

Setting Intent

Current Events and Personal Development

Integral Life Practice

Supporting Integral With IDL

A New Model for the Treatment of Addiction

IDL Group Methodologies

Using Dolphin Encounters to Generate Authentic Personality Development

Using Qualities of Breath to Support Technology

Wilber’s Art Theory and Dream Yoga

Review of Wilber’s “Integral Spirituality”

Stone’s Voice Dialogue and IDL Compared

Dealing With Difficult People: IDL and Personality Disorders

Shamanic Attributes of Integral Deep Listening

Chinese Contributions to Dream Yoga

Hindu Yogic Foundations

Theravadin Buddhism and Dream Yogas

Tibetan Dream Yoga

Ken Wilber’s Integral AQAL and Dream Yoga

Karma and Reincarnation-Are They Real?

Thinking About Thinking: Formal Cognitive Distortions


The Five Trees and Meditation

Awareness Meditation

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