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You are going to be impressed with the power and effectiveness of Integral Deep Listening to change your life! When you have experienced an introductory free interview via Skype you are going to want to lock in the gains just one session have made in your understanding of how you stay stuck and what you need to do to get unstuck.  You’ll do so by treating your practice of integral deep listening as an ongoing discipline requiring accountability, feedback, and ongoing interviewing. Because I am so sure that you will see for yourself what a life-changing impact ongoing work with IDL will bring, I am offering you your first session free.

How does Integral Deep Listening approach counseling? This article, Treating Depression with Integral Deep Listening, explains its general approach not only to depression but to anxiety disorders.

To learn more about Joseph Dillard, see A Life Journey.

To book your Skype session with Dr. Dillard, email Dr. Dillard charges only $1.00 per minute and accepts payments via PayPal.

Sessions often include both interviewing and the design of action plans based on the recommendations that arise from the IDL process. However other sessions may involve teaching you how to recognize and avoid both drama and cognitive distortions that block your growth and happiness and/or instruction in simple, effective meditation techniques. Sessions usually take place once every two weeks. In between sessions, Dr. Dillard monitors your progress via email and helps you implement and fine tune your action plan.

To Meet With Dr. Dillard In Person

Dr. Dillard presently lives in Germany and is available to travel to other parts of the world if needed. To meet with Dr. Dillard in person, email

Time Required To Address Specific Issues

Integral Deep Listening is a powerful tool for increasing clarity, lucidity and waking up, regardless of your level of development. Movement toward enlightenment is an ongoing process that requires a yoga and an accountability structure. Therefore, a commitment to ongoing sessions is most likely to bring the changes you want to see in your life and make your dreams come true. However, most people have limited goals based on pressing needs. Many of these can be addressed effectively in a short period of time by Integral Deep Listening:

The elimination of nightmares usually takes one or two sessions.

Because of their intensity and intrusion into everyday life, nightmares of post-traumatic stress disorder require two sessions per week the first two weeks, one session per week for the second two weeks, and one session every other week for a month.

The elimination of chronic depression normally takes between two and six months.

The elimination of anxiety disorders and phobias typically takes between one and six sessions.

Improvement of communication between couples generally requires only four sessions, but most couples find that ongoing sessions are advisable.

The rebuilding of trust in a relationship following infidelity generally requires four sessions, but again, most couples find that ongoing sessions are advisable.

Improvement of communication between parents and children requires only four sessions to teach and practice principles of clarity, mutual respect, and conflict resolution.

While IDL does not bring physical healing, it heals factors that impede healing, such as fear, anxiety, stress, victimization, and the mental and emotional side effects of pain. To the extent that psychological factors create symptoms and limit healing, IDL can reduce much associated misery. Benefits generally come from one to four sessions.

Such services involve a return to “normalcy.” Integral Deep Listening provides an effective way to move beyond normalcy, to take your development to the next level, regardless of where you are in your life. To get the most out of IDL, you need to treat it as an ongoing life yoga, or psychospiritual discipline. We are here to teach you how, and help you every step of the way.


 10 Ways You Can Benefit From IDL Counseling

Would you like to take your life to the next level? Here are eleven ways you can benefit from IDL counseling:

1. IDL counseling has demonstrated its effectiveness with a broad range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic disorder, interpersonal issues, and addiction. Most people find it faster and more effective than traditional therapy.

2. Most counseling and education is therapist/authority centered or client centered. IDL is revolutionary because it is neither. Authorities aren’t you; how can they know what you uniquely need? On the other hand, you are stuck; validating your stuckness with a client-centered approach won’t get you unstuck.  IDL provides a reliable, authentic way to get in touch with your own inner compass, or “physician within.” It directs growth, as an educational process of waking up.

3. Your inner compass is a wellspring of emerging potentials. These are perspectives that transcend, yet include, your own. When consulted and realistic recommendations are followed, they align you with the priorities of your inner compass. Your problems resolve themselves, life comes into balance, and you transform. You access these transformative perspectives by interviewing characters in your dreams as well as the personifications of the life issues that matter most to you.

4. You will find freedom from the assumptions of your childhood scripting, which both define who you are and limit who you can become.

5. You will move out of drama in the three interrelated realms of your relationships, your thoughts, and your dreams.

6. You will learn to identify and eliminate cognitive distortions that keep you from finding and following your own unique path to wholeness.

7. You will practice a “dream yoga,” that is an “integral life practice,” which encourages the methods you are already familiar with while adding direction by your inner compass.

8. Your IDL Practitioner is a teacher and coach, working as a source of support and accountability as you apply recommendations from your interviews in your daily life in concrete, testable ways.

9. You will learn, if you so desire, an effective form of meditation centered on observation of your thoughts and breath. Regardless of the type of meditation you do or the depth of your practice, IDL meditation will take you to the next level.

10. The transformational and revolutionary perspectives that you tap are not your intuition. They are different from your soul’s purpose, your dharma, or God’s will. Together, they point your way to increased confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace, and objectivity, six core qualities of enlightenment.

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