Interviewing Formats


Integral Deep Listening interviewing formats include the interviewing of multiple characters (Dream Sociometry), single character interviewing, and Dream Sociodrama.

Here is information about and links to each type of interviewing.

An overview of each variety of interviewing.

Dream Sociometry Questions and Answers (Providing general information about what multiple character interviewing is.)

Dream Sociometry Overview (This is an in-depth explanation of the methodology.)

Providing your consent to get started with interviewing on line

Integral DeepListening Sociometry Login

Your computerized interviewing desktop  (If you have already logged in)

How to work with your recommendations. (Interviewing provides numerous recommendations for life change.)

Examples of Dream Sociometry (Following the Dream Sociometric Template there is a listing of the various Dream Sociomatrices and Dream Sociograms referenced in Dream Sociometry and Understanding the Dream Sociogram. 

Understanding the Dream Sociogram, Chapters 14 & 15 (Explanations of the various possible configurations of Dream Sociograms)

Implications and Applications of Dream Sociometry

Factors for Analysis (Dream Sociometry raises multiple questions for research. Some of them are listed here.)

Dreamages and Life Scripts An explanation of how you can use dreamages to change your life script from one based on internalized cultural expectations to one based on the priorities of your life compass.

Examples of Dream Sociodrama

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