Jess Returns


 Jess Returns


I am at Jess’ house near Pinnacle.  Jess comes into the room.  I hug him and begin to cry.  He is happy to see me.  He says he has come back to take care of business and to properly say goodbye to everyone.  He is not a ghost, but physically present.  The only difference I can see in him is that he has a very comfortable attitude about life after death.  He says something like, “Life is a time when we apply what we know.  Death is a time when we assimilate and evaluate what we have done.”  I think how similar his view of death is to that in the Cayce readings.  He also says that he only will get to stay until he is 88, then he will have to return again.  From what he says, life after death seems much better organized and helpful than waking life.  Everyone is ready to help.  At any rate, Jess has no problems with being dead, but wants to spend some time with those he loves and to have some closure with them.  He wants to spend time with Marcy, Joanie, his finances, and with me.  I feel so much love for him and want to spend all the time I can with him, but I give him space to structure what time he has as he desires.  He is relaxed, casual, and gentle – no different – just more aware of the natural order of things.  He seems to have this business of existence in a very healthy perspective, and it shows.

Comment:  Jess had been killed when his single engine plane slip-stalled on takeoff about a month prior to this dream.   Losing my best friend had been very sad, but by the time I had this dream I had pretty much gotten over my grieving.  I think this one’s literal.


Sociomatrix Commentary

Dream Self:  I like me because I am letting a dear friend know I love him.  I am very happy Jess has his space.  But it is very painful for me to dismantle his house.  I love Jess very much.

Jess’ House:  Dream Self is taking care of me.  He loves my owner.  The sadness is good.  The tears are healing.

Jess:  I love Joseph.  He cares about people.  I’ll miss this house.  It’s good to let them know I care.  I don’t like the sadness.  I don’t want to say goodbye.

Cayce:  They are on the right track.  They are waking up.

Comments on the Sociogram:  The most accepting element of this life issue is the one most removed from waking identification – the house.  This implies that while waking self likes the process least (Jess being dead) and experiences the most dissonance, those aspects of self most out of awareness are most approving of the status quo.  While it is painful to waking self, it is much more acceptable to his house.

There is an unusually high number of emotional elements.

There are very strong preferences for a small number of characters. Do intense emotions always result in strong preferences?

Moving toward completion.

Opposition still exists, but in the context of self-acceptance.

  Dream Commentary

If you could change this dream in any way that you wanted, as long as it respected the rights of all fellow dream group members, how would you change it? 

Jess’ House:  Pray with Jess.

Jess: No.

Cayce: Pray with Jess.

Dream Self:  Selfishly, I would like to change what needs to be.


The same, only we pray together, giving thanks for having known each other, for the gifts of life and death.

Waking Commentary

     If you were this dreamer and were dealing with his waking issues – money, relationships, fears, career choices, physical health, spiritual development – would you do anything differently?  If so, what? 

Jess’ House:  Use all you possess – talents, words, feelings, thoughts, your body, your friendships, your possessions joyfully and with thankfulness, and always be ready to surrender them at a moment’s notice with the same joy and thankfulness.  Pray for Jess.

Jess:   Continue to work to unite life and death.   They are really the same; only our attachment to physical survival, success, ownership, and recognition blinds us to their sameness.  Your dreamwork is an excellent tool to this end.  Take care of my business, Marcy, Joanie.

Cayce:  Do not let dreamwork or the unification of life and death become ends in themselves.  Remember the purpose of both life and death.   Pray for Jess.

Dream Self: It is difficult to feel burdened with my daily concerns when I see my life from this perspective.


Sociogram Commentary

The most accepting element of this life issue (Jess’ House) is also the one most removed from conscious identification (Joseph has the least rapport with it of all the dream characters), implying that while waking self likes the process least and experiences the most dissonance, those aspects most out of waking self’s awareness are most approving.  While it is painful to Waking Self, it is healing to Jess’ House

The dream also has an unusually high percentage of emotional elements.

Very strong preferences for such a small number of characters.  Do intense emotions always result in strong preference patterns?

A sense of moving toward completion; opposition still exists, but in the context of self-acceptance.

Action Plan

talk/act with joy, thankfulness

aff. readiness to surrender all with joy, thankfulness

sense of being supported

die to attachment in meditations

med. on purpose of non-attachment

Pray for Jess

review on:

Life Issue Commentary 

(The dreamer formulates a specific question about a life issue and asks some or all dream group members for their opinion about it.) 

If you had to make a decision about how to handle this life issue, what would you do about it?

Any recommendations about letting go of fears of failure?

Jess’ House:  Fail.  Then you won’t fear it anymore.

Jess:  Remember that the part of you that fails and experiences failure is not who you really are.

Cayce: Place failure in the larger perspective of an opportunity in the evolution of awareness.

Dream Self:  Identify the fear –  what am I afraid of failing at today?

Life Issue Action Plan

identify today’s fears of failure

practice at failing with joy & thankfulness

observe the failure as your higher self might

see failure as an opportunity


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