I am standing on the sidewalk on the Kavanaugh side of my house on Tyler, facing east.  I am thinking about how I can levitate, and I decide to.  I lift off and rise right up to the peak of the roof, but have to pull myself onto it. I sit on the roof facing east.  Celeste and Poolie are running around below, wondering where I went.  Then I materialize in the dining room, surprising Mom.

Comment:  An enjoyable dream.




Sociomatrix Commentary

Dream Self:  I love the fun I’m having with this skill.  I’m transcending my old life, my past – rising above it.  I don’t like having to work to get up on the roof, but I do it!  Those silly dogs!  They’re having fun and are looking for me!  I think I’m showing off!  I want Mom to be proud of me.  The dining room isn’t used much – formal.  I’ve made it “up front?”

Sidewalk:  This dreamer’s OK.  He’s walked down me a thousand times.  He’s even taken care of me a few times.  I’m a solid foundation, and he’s using me to take off in public.  It’s a good home, just not well cared for.  I’m glad he’s rising.  He’s got new abilities he’s showing off.  This is a metaphor of the astral travel he’s doing to let people at home know how well he’s doing.

Home: This dreamer is a good guy.  I’m a good old home.  We’ve gone through a lot.  But he doesn’t need me for sustenance any more.  He’s gone beyond me.  He is facing the source.  He’s not going to fall.  He’s got nothing to worry about.  This is your work!  You’re going to succeed!  Don’t fear!

Roof Crest: This dreamer surprises me, being up here.  How unusual!  If he wants to be up here, it’s OK with me.  This is a good home.  I’ve covered it well.  Grab hold of me; I’ll support you.  I’m above most of what’s happening; most of it doesn’t disturb me.

Celeste:  I’m glad he’s outside where I can play and keep an eye on him.  He’s really great.  I don’t like him rising up where I can’t be with him!  It drives me crazy when he’s someplace where I can see him but I can’t be with him.  I like Mom because she feeds me.


Poolie:  Joseph always plays ball with me.  He’s OK.  I’m glad to be back home.  I love Mom.  She loves me.

Living Room:  I’m getting more attention in this dream than I usually get in waking life.  I’m for special occasions, mostly.  Joseph materializing is a special occasion, for sure!

Mom:  I like him a lot.  I’m glad he’s doing well.   I miss him sometimes.  Rising!  Pretty impressive!  I’m glad he made it up on the roof.  Celeste is OK, but she craps on the carpet sometimes.  I love my Poolie.  I think it’s wonderful Joseph is materializing here.  I’m OK but I’m not very happy with myself.

  Dream Commentary

If you could change this dream in any way that you wanted, as long as it respected the rights of all fellow dream group members, how would you change it? 

Sidewalk:  All of this is really overblown.  He doesn’t have to fly or materialize, but if he wants to, why not?  I would have him fly all the way up easily and get on the roof without any fear or difficulty.

Home:  I’d like to be cleaner.  Fix me up.

Roof Crest: It’s nice to be appreciated.  I am glad he came up; but I would have it without difficulty or fear.

Celeste:  I don’t want him up there!  I want to be with him! – and inside, where his Mom will feed us!

Poolie:  I would rather all of us be inside with Grace.

Living Room:  I like having them appreciating me.  I’d also like to be cleaner.

Mom: He can have his fun flying; I’m just glad to see him again!

Dream Self:  Dogs, if you will let me fly a bit, up to the roof, then we’ll all go inside and I’ll get you dog biscuits.  OK?

Celeste & Poolie:  Well, OK, but don’t be too long. We’ll be waiting!


I am standing on the sidewalk on the Kavanaugh side of my house on Tyler, facing east.  I am thinking about how I can levitate, and I decide to.  Celeste and Poolie are there.  I say to them, “Look girls, I’m going to fly up to the roof to look around.  You go into the house with Grace and wait for me!  I let them in.  Then I lift off and easily rise right up to the peak of the roof. I sit on the roof facing east, looking around and feeling thankful.  Then I materialize in the dining room, surprising Mom.  I give the girls dog biscuits.

Waking Commentary

     If you were this dreamer and were dealing with his waking issues – money, relationships, fears, career choices, physical health, spiritual development – would you do anything differently?  If so, what? 

Sidewalk:  Feel as relaxed in your work as if you were at home.

Home: Think of me while you do your work.  Internalize my security and warmth.

Roof Crest:  Think of me to rise above your problems and get a perspective on money and responsibilities.  Realize that you have a fine support system down below.

Celeste:  Yes, but don’t get so wrapped up in your successes that you forget about your animal nature, or your body will get anxious and bring you down!

Poolie:  Remember to nurture your body with time and kindnesses.

Living Room:  Pay more attention to your public persona.

Mom:  Show love to those you care about!

Dream Self:  What’s most important to me is to draw upon my roots to rise above my current problems.

Action Plan

see self home, relaxed, secure

$ worries: feel self flying

sense of being supported

think of exercise, yoga as taking

care of your dog to +meditation

dress better for work

Life Issue Commentary

(The dreamer formulates a specific question about a life issue and asks some or all dream group members for their opinion about it.) 

If you had to make a decision about how to handle this life issue, what would you do about it?

Any recommendations about getting deeper in meditation?

Sidewalk:  Do the above; your meditations will improve.

Home: Ditto

Roof Crest:  Use the image of sitting on top of me to help you rise above your mundane concerns

Celeste:  I will accept your flying if you will first take care of me through exercise & yoga.

Poolie:  Just let your body know you love it!

Living Room:  Project your professional persona.  This will subtly increase your confidence that will in turn reduce barriers to deeper meditation.

Mom:  Remember that I love you and that I need your love too.   That caring will melt your fears.

Dream Self:  I’ll review these commentaries every day.

Life Issue Action Plan

read commentaries

in meditation, sit on the roof


precede med. with yoga, exercise

act professionally

feel love toward those you meet


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