Post Research Questionnaire

Post Research Questionnaire

After you have done two self interviews, interviewed two people twice, one dream and one life issue interview, and been interviewed twice by two people, in addition to taking the Burns Anxiety Inventory as a post-test, please answer the following and send your answers with your name to

In general, how helpful/useful would you rate your self-interviewing, 0-10?

In general, how helpful/useful would you rate interviewing for those you interviewed, 0-10?

How would you rate your likelihood to:

Interview yourself in the future, 0-10?

Interview someone else in the future, 0-10?

Be interviewed by someone else in the future, 0-10?

Was interviewing detrimental or beneficial for your relationships with those you interviewed, -10-10?

How helpful was the application of recommendations, 0-10?

In general, were there improvements in what was measured, 0-10?

Were life issues clarified, reframed, and addressed in helpful and meaningful ways, 0-10?

What else do we need to do to make this model duplicatable, one family to the next?

Is it feasible for interviewers to serve as coaches to each other, so that the process can spread widely, without professional supervision?

 What additional measures need to be put into place to address trauma or issues that arise that are too big for the interviewers to deal with, or which are beyond their level of expertise? 

An overarching goal of this research project was to explore whether this interviewing process holds potential for transforming global culture by changing family scripting/culture, one family at a time. What is your assessment?

Please send your answers to