Words and Concepts

Words and Concepts

Understanding Principles Fundamental to Integral Deep ListeningAuthored by Joseph Dillard

Could it possibly be that something as important as spirituality does not support your enlightenment? Could spiritual concepts such as soul, self, God, karma, reincarnation, positive thinking or love be blocking you from the enlightenment you seek? “Words and Concepts that Are and Are Not Conducive to Enlightenment” has something to challenge or irritate everyone.

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There are very few sacred cows here that are not sent to the slaughterhouse and ground into Happy Meals. Far from being an exercise in malicious torment of devout seekers, its intent is to help you examine your own assumptions so you can get out of your own way. What beliefs have you outgrown and are now blocking your growth? What assumptions do you want to keep, after having examined them closely to find out if they still do indeed support your enlightenment? Integral Deep Listening shows that enlightenment is a never-ending process of waking up. Be prepared to be surprised as you deepen your understanding of what it means to become awake, clear, lucid and enlightened.


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