Dream Sociometry

SociomatrixDream Sociometry

Joseph Dillard

To J.L. Moreno

JL Moreno

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1. What is Dream Sociometry?

2. The Origins of Dream Sociometry

3. Dream Group Members and Your Waking Roles

4. Enhancing Dream Recall

5. Recording Your Dreams

6. Purpose of the Dream Sociomatrix

7. The Dream Elements

8. Element Categorization

9. Making Predictions

10. Structure of the Dream Sociomatrix

11. Obtaining Dream Group Member Preferences

12. Agreement in the Sociomatrix

13. Ambivalence in the Dream Sociomatrix

14. Dream Group Member Categories and Attributes

15. Structure of the Dream Sociomatrix Commentary

16. Functions of the Dream Sociomatrix Commentary

17. Overview of Commentary Construction and Creation of the Action Plan

18. The Dream Commentary Question and Elaborations

19. Constructing the Dreamage

20. The Dream Summary Commentary

21. Creating the Waking Commentary

22. The Identification Commentary

23. Designing Your Action Plan

24. The Dream Sociogram Commentary

25. The Dream Group Dynamics Commentary

26. What I am Saying to Myself Is…

27. Some of the Basic Issues Addressed by this Dream Group Are…

28. Evaluating Your Predictions

29. Evaluating the Dream Sociomatrix with Waking Events

My Ongoing Dialogue



Appendix I: Integral Deep Listening Interviewing Instructions

Appendix II: Weekly Sangha Identification Log

Appendix III: Example of a Manipulated Interview

Appendix IV: A Statement of Purpose

Appendix V: How Do I Learn Integral Deep Listening?

Appendix VI: Practitioner Certification in IDL

Appendix VII: About the Author


When you have completed this text you should be able to:

• Construct a Dream Sociomatrix.

• Explain three common barriers to dream recall and what to do about them.

• Create a Dream Yoga Template.

• Be able to explain at least five benefits of creating Dream Sociomatrices.

• Understand the relationship between Dream Sociometry and other forms of self-aspect interviewing used by Dream Yoga, including the Interviewing Instructions.

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