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“Just as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers protected her from the Wicked Witch of the West, so a right relationship with spirit protects us from evil.”

— The Wizard of Oz


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1. Physician, Heal Thyself!

2. Definitions of Healing

3. A Spirit-Based Model of Healing

4. Dream Yoga and the Integral Model of Healing of Ken Wilber

5. The Physical Self

6. The Formation of a Sense of Self

7. Conflicts Within the Social Self

8. Scripts, Self-Talk, and Communication

9. Families

10. Financial Healing

11. Mastery and Meaning

12. Healing Organizations, Government, and Culture

13. Healing the Spirit


Appendix I: A Statement of Purpose

Appendix II: How Do I Learn Dream Yoga?

Appendix III: Hypnotherapy for Past-Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Appendix IV: A Summary of Wilber’s Transpersonal Pathologies

Appendix V: Practitioner Certification in Dream Yoga

Appendix VI: Dream Yoga Interviewing Instructions

Appendix VI: Weekly Sangha Identification Log

Appendix VII: About the Author

© 2003 Joseph Dillard

Deep Listening Publishing, Phoenix, Arizona

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