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I have worked as a professional psychotherapist since my mid-twenties. I am now in my sixties.  I look at the world and ask, how can I leave it a better place than it was when I arrived? My answer has been to train people to find and listen to their own inner compass, in the belief that when people are free to sing their own song and dance their own dance their own growth is faster and healthier, and they are better able to give their unique gifts to others.

Consequently, if you are interested in learning the tools that are explained on this website I will teach you via email, for free, if you can convince me that you have a practical plan for using these tools for helping some target population, and if I have time.

IDL is about teaching you to listen to and follow the priorities of your own inner compass, as represented by the emerging potentials that you interview as dream characters and the personifications of your life issues.
The underlying assumption is that the priorities of your inner compass are authentic and organic; you grow your life from the inside out, like a tree and all natural life forms, rather than from the outside in, as we do when we make decisions solely from our waking perspective.
The key is your application of the recommendations that come out of the interviews. Why? Because this is an action dialogue with your inner compass. It shows you are listening by your actions. What that does in turn is move development from the realm of the intellect to the realm of beingness, with a secondary benefit of proving the method. The first builds trust in yourself; the second builds trust in the method.
The idea is for you to make a list of the recommendations that come out of interviews that make sense to you, to  then quantify and operationalize them in a way that your progress can be measured, and to work with them every day.
There are no claims that as a consequence of applying this dream yoga that your life issues will go away, but IDL does claim that by following this process that your ability to maintain your peace of mind and happiness in the face of physical, mental, emotional, and interpersonal challenges will steadily increase.
This email relationship does not claim to provide the depth you will receive from in-person participation in the four practitioner training modules or a paid Skype counseling service, which I also offer.

I want to help you find and follow your own inner compass, not only for your own sake, but for those around you. When you have a plan of service to others you would like to submit, contact me at Joseph.Dillard@Gmail.Com.

This training will provide to you, and through you to your students, growth in six core processes and six core qualities, all which are intrinsically anchored in the cycle of every breath you take:

processes                          qualities

wakefulness                     confidence

aliveness                           compassion

balance                              wisdom

detachment                       acceptance

freedom                              inner peace

clarity                                  witnessing

These are designed to in turn cultivate within you a growing sense of luminosity, cosmic humor, and abundance.

Or, to put this another way:

According to Buddhism there are three sources of suffering.

They are ignorance or delusion,

attachment or craving,

and pride or self.

The remedies to these are found in the six core qualities.

Wisdom and Witnessing are the antidotes to ignorance and delusion.

Develop them and you wake up and become enlightened.

Acceptance and Confidence are the antidotes to attachment and craving.

Develop them and you become free and powerful.

Compassion and inner peace are the antidotes to pride and self.

Develop them and you become all things and sacred.

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