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Everyone needs a spiritual support group or family, what the Buddhists called a sangha.  People who coordinate these groups find that they make a new circle of friends who know them deeply through interviews and who share themselves on a deep and rich level. It’s the type of support system everyone needs and everyone is looking for! In IDL Dream Yoga there are two sanghas. The first is made up of like-minded individuals — others who do IDL interviewing, are working to stay out of the Drama Triangle, and who want to give and receive support in applying the recommendations that come out of their interviews. The second is each person’s internal or intrasocial sangha, which is made up of those emerging potentials that you meet in interviews, are generally high scoring, and that represent facets of your inner compass. While people come and go, your internal spiritual support system is always there for you when you need it. It will never leave you. In addition, IDL Dream Yoga sanghas are not based on someone else’s belief system, philosophy, or dogma. Each person learns to find their own inner compass and listen to it — not what someone else thinks their spiritual path should be.

While Integral Deep Listening is cognizant of the many important and transformative insights and practices of Buddhism, it is not a Buddhist Dream Yoga. The orientation is integral: comparative religion, psychology, and philosophy. IDL focuses on structures that are universal and speak to all people everywhere, regardless of their religious beliefs or particular spiritual path. It is intended to make people better Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Moslems, shamans, pagans, capitalists, secular humanists, socialists, Hindus, atheists — better human beings.

The workbook for the group is Waking Up. Its purpose is to teach life skills that help you wake up out of self-created drama in your waking life, your world view and thought world, and in your dreams, whether normal or lucid. As you wake up out of drama, you will wake up in your dreams. You will learn how to interview your waking life issues, synchronicities, dreams, and lucid dreams and learn how to use them to maximize your growth. Groups can email questions about the text, interviews, and other topics to us at Joseph.Dillard@Gmail.Com for group and individual support.

At the meeting participants talk about how they did in applying their recommendations since the last meeting, exchange interviews on dreams or life issues, revise their recommendation list to work on until the next meeting, and discuss the pages of Waking Up that they agreed to read before the group meeting.

To start your IDL Dream Yoga study group put up a notice on your Facebook page and advertise in free media like Craigslist. You can also advertise through Yahoo by starting your IDL Dream Yoga group as a Meetup. They will charge you for advertising, but you can defray that with group donations.

Here is the table of contents for Waking Up:


Chapter 1: Why Aren’t You Happier?

Chapter 2: Who Are You – Really?

Chapter 3: Getting to Know Your Delusions

Chapter 4: How You Keep Yourself Stuck in Drama and How to Get Out

Chapter 5: Setting Your Life Priorities – Why It Is So Important

Chapter 6: Getting Rid of Your Cognitive Distortions

Chapter 7:   Learning to Assert Yourself

Chapter 8:  Finding and Following Your Inner Compass

Chapter 9: Becoming Your Emerging Potentials

Chapter 10: Problem Solving With Triangulation

Chapter 11: Simple Meditation to Change Your Life

Chapter 12: The Importance of Having a Statement of Intent


Appendix 1: IDL Dream Interviewing Protocol

Appendix 2: IDL Life Issue Interviewing Protocol

Appendix 3: An Example of a Completed Life Script Questionnaire

The text and my feedback are free for those who wish to start a group or join one, however donations through PayPal at DreamYoga.Com are welcomed, at a rate that reflects your sense of benefit from what you are receiving. But more important is to take seriously the recommendations that will arise from the interviewing that you do. You will wake up as you learn to listen to and follow your inner compass.
Here is the basic outline of the intent of Integral Deep Listening Dream Yoga that you and your group will learn:
You are asleep, 
lost in the drama of your life script, 
trapped in identification with the perceptual reality of your physical, emotional, and mental filters. 
You wake up as you ask, “Is this a dream?” 
see everything as a wake-up call, 
reframe your cognitive distortions, 
and act on your priorities today – 
moving you from delusion and mental fuzziness 
to clarity and thence 
to luminosity, 
cosmic humor, and 

You are addicted to the past and future.  
You move into the here and now 
as you name the contents of your mind, 
stop monkeying around in the five trees 
(thoughts, feelings, imagery, sensations, and states), 
and become the core processes and qualities of the round of your breath, 
moving you from personalization 
to cosmic humor, 
abundance, and 

You have lost your way. 
You find and follow your inner compass 
as you remember, 
become, and 
deeply listen 
to emerging potentials 
and act on their recommendations today, 
integrating your inner and outer worlds 
and moving you from fear-based scarcity 
to trust-based abundance, 
luminosity, and 
cosmic humor.
Or, as Confucius put it,
If there be righteousness
in the heart,
there will be beauty
in the character.
If there be beauty
in the character,
there will be harmony
in the home.
If there be harmony in the home,
 there will be order
in the nation.
If there be order
in the nation,
there will be peace
in the world.
As you wake up, you change your world. You change the world.
Or, as Gandhi put it, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Or in your partner.
Or in your customers.
Or in your family.
Or in your politicians.

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