Getting More Out of IDL

People normally go through an evolutionary process of development when they work with interviewing dream characters and the personifications of their life issues and then work on applying those recommendations in their daily life. Two different initial motivations One group of people are attracted to IDL to learn to lucid dream, and want to do … Read more

Are You In Touch With Your Life Compass?

Your inner compass is clear, like the air within the eye of a hurricane, yet it is extraordinarily solid, durable, and stable. It is harmonious, like the light from a prism, or the proportions of the fibonacci curve that appear naturally everywhere in nature, and yet, upon close examination, it is a chaos of minor, individual imperfections.

The Psychology of C.G. Jung and Dream Yoga

From fixations, his “four functions,” and dreams, to archetypes and the collective unconscious, Carl Gustav Jung, MD., has had a profound and lasting impact on how we view the mind and human development. How does his thought relate to Dream Yogas and Integral Deep Listening, in particular?

Tibetan Dream Yoga and Integral Deep Listening

The following is a chapter from the book Dream Yogas. It compares one type of dream yoga, Integral Deep Listening, with several traditional approaches, including shamanism, Chinese traditions, Hinduism, Buddhism, and several other contemporary paths to awakening, including lucid dreaming, Ken Wilber’s Integral AQAL, and various psychotherapeutic approaches.

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