Integral Deep Listening

04 May

Ending Nightmares For Good: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is complicated and difficult to treat because it is so pervasive. If you can imagine having a repeated, gripping, horrifying nightmare that intrudes into your waking life you can start to get a sense of what these people are up against. ...

22 Apr

What could an octopus know about trust??

      Twice a month we hold Integral Deep Listening Salons in Berlin.  There is generally lively discussion of a pre-chosen topic followed by snacks and then a group interview. I wrote this summary to a student, Chrystal, who is an excellent sculptor: “A recent topic was about the type of person that you run into again and again in your life that is most difficult to deal with. It was a fun discussion, followed by a lot of sharing about...